Double digits



I can still remember being in college and finding out I was expecting for the very first time.  I can remember the phone call from the doctor.  I knew the second the nurse said, “Hello.”

“Do you want to hear some really great news?” he asked me.  I hung up and told Matt and our lives changed forever.  I remember that I could feel how special she was, long before she was born.

She is our firstborn.  She is the one we rely on day by day, minute by minute, to keep our family working together.  She is kind and tenderhearted.  She is brave and completely unique.  She paves the way for her sisters, and I know I can count on her.

The weight on the shoulders of the firstborn is really hard.  It’s often a very difficult task.  I am grateful for her every day, and I cannot imagine how we would ever make it without her.  She is a crucial, special, wonderful piece of the Richmond puzzle.

There are moments that I step back and literally gasp, when I see how she is growing and maturing.  Her childhood is like water slipping through my fingers.

Blessed am I to have her!

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