“Keep close to Nature’s heart … and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

– John Muir

While we were in Cody, we slipped away for a quick trip to Yellowstone.

I’ve dreamed my whole life of going there, and it was truly a dream come true to visit, even if just for a day.

Already I am dreaming of backpacking through it one day with my family, with no particular goal in mind other than to breathe the wild, free air.


But just for that day, Matt took me to see what I have most longed to see: Old Faithful.

We were drenched and literally dripping from the rain that poured down upon us as we first approached the geyser, washing my soul clean.

Waiting together there was cold and wet and…perfect.  It was heaven.

I literally cannot describe what that moment felt like.  My girls together, anticipating an ancient wonder.  My husband, who was there solely to make my dream happen.  My baby on my back.  My skin soaked with mountain rain.


It is probably a feeling I will savor for the rest of my life.

And then…eruption.

It brought me to tears.  Something so out of our control, so simple, so natural.  It literally took my breath away.  And as it did, the sun came out and warmed and dried us again.

Going to the mountains lately has been deeply spiritual for me.

I don’t know all that our future holds, but something inside of me tells me that we are at another turning point in our lives.

In the mountains, I can hear myself, and I can hear the guiding voice of Heaven so clearly.

To me, it’s like the holiest of temples.

PS – What would a trip to Yellowstone be without an encounter with a bison?

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