Changing everything

I don’t feel like I have the words just yet to talk about the Colorado event.

At the same time, I feel like my heart is bursting and I have to talk about it.

Every year, I think I have seen the very best, the most beautiful that the world has to offer.  And then I return and I am amazed, because I had seen nothing yet.

There are times when I feel like my heart won’t hold any more.

I remember a time, years ago, when I first learned about Congo.  At that time, I didn’t know if my heart could possibly hold more sorrow than it then held.  My mind, my heart…nothing could fathom the suffering.  It hurt so badly that I didn’t think I would ever come back.

But now, each time I do this, I feel the same…only on the opposite end of my feelings.

There are times now, at the end of an event, when I feel so much joy and love, I don’t know how I will ever hold more.

I truly cannot wait for the letter that will tell me who our new sisters are.

I ache for that moment, when I can write to them, and send them the pictures of the people who came.

I cannot wait for these women, who are aching and alone, to see the faces of so many people who love them.  The moment that they will know they are not alone anymore.

I wish I could tell these women; I wish I could tell each person who came: You have changed me.

You are the hope in dark places.

And you are changing everything.

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