Six sweet years old!

This little girl’s birthday is always so momentous for me.

She’s been six for over a month now, but I’ve found myself thinking of her birth and all that she changed in my life, every day since we celebrated.

I feel like I look at her and I see pure life.  She has always been that way.

Her light has brightened all that has come since.

There is something so rare in such a gift.  A new volume in my life began the moment she was finally placed in my arms.

(We spent her birthday with some of our favorite friends…the bears and their keepers.  She always seems to stand out a bit. :) )

Her life marks where the pages in my life crease and a new story begins.  It was her healing comfort that I held to as I learned to let go of all that I wanted, all that I saw myself as, and turn completely to God and a new path.

There can be no change or transformation without pain and sacrifice.  But she has taught me that there is also indescribable joy.

(Her song is a mashup of the girls’ two favorite songs right now…seems appropriate!  Her video shows a fun day of feeding bears and watching wolves up in West Yellowstone.)

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