What we’ve been up to lately

I used to carry my camera everywhere, anytime I stepped outside.  For the past few months, though, I’ve stopped doing that as much.  I noticed that sometimes I was capturing moments, but not living them as much as I wanted to.  Instagram has been handy…snap a picture with my phone and post it later.

The girls and I spend a majority of our day outside.

This means snow caves, campfires, and marshmallows.

The girls have started to prefer to eat outdoors.  They love to be out in it as much as possible.

This has led to us cooking our meals outside once in a while, too.  (A couple of the kids are really getting into this.)  :)

We’ve had a few sick days…

…and lots of snowshoeing, especially for Matt and I.

And lots and lots of snow!!

Life has been very, very good lately.  I’m woefully behind on my blog, though…so more posts to come.  Of particular note is the birthday of a newly-minted six-year-old!

See you soon. :)

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