The chill river calls

It’s still chilly here, but isn’t it amazing how warm 40 or 50 can feel when you’ve been used to 10 and 20?

Life is like that…the cold times make the warm more evident and more appreciated.

“Is there any feeling more thrilling than the return of joy? How does joy send up its tender shoots through the dense and rocky soil of disappointment and despair and around the weeds of regret? One minute, like a garden in the dead of winter, you are dormant, and life’s compromises and complexities have become so tangled that your own growth is stunted. Then suddenly a warmth and light surround you, and even though nothing may have changed outwardly, once again you begin to feel a pulse.”

 – Sarah Ban Breathnach

The woods are still snowy, but near the river, the sun is melting the snow into the water.

The girls have returned to the river, in spite of the chill.  We won’t always have this river, but for now we do and we will love it every moment.

“I feel that there is something in having passed one’s childhood beside the big river that is incommunicable to those who have not.”

– T.S. Eliot

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