The cold never bothered me anyway

Ha ha…with six daughters a reference to Frozen was bound to happen sooner or later. :)

I’ve been surprised this winter.  I’ve been surprised how much I have loved it here, buried in snow and cold.  It really didn’t bother me, either, like I was worried that it would.

That is, it didn’t bother me until my friends started to see spring.  Constantly seeing their pictures of blooming tulips, and now mowed grass, on Instagram has made me look out at our beautiful snow with different eyes.  I’ve started to tire of the snow and the cold.

Isn’t it funny…we start to feel discontent and left out when we start to compare our lives with someone else’s.  Usually, we only have an Instagram-like snapshot into their lives, yet we start to wish that their blessings were ours.

The truth is, I don’t want them!  I may miss clear ground and warm sunshine.  But I love the trees and the birds and the moose.  I love the water and the quiet.  The blessings make the long winter worth it, and I am blessed to remember that.

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