You’ll make it.

We’ve had the most incredible, incredible June.  So many hikes, so many wild places.  Sadly, all with nothing better than a cell-phone camera.  That’s not been such a bad thing…but more on that another time.

We hike because we find ourselves.  We learn what we are capable of.  We discover secrets we were seeking.

A few weeks ago, Matt had to go to Jackson for work, so we jumped at the chance to go along and be in the Tetons again.  The girls and I hiked around Jenny lake again, one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It was a very hot day and we ran out of water, something that has never happened to us before.  Our mid-way goal was to hike up to Hidden Falls.

It was long and hard and hot for the girls.  But when we finally made it up to the falls, and the wind picked up and the mist from the falls fell over us, I had this rush of gratitude…just complete thrill that we had made it.  And in my mind, I heard the words, “You’re going to make it, too, Ann.”

Sometimes, lately, I’ve struggled to feel that I will ever come back out of where I have been.  I think I will now, but I will be different.  Stronger, better, different.


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