Launch out into the deep

“He said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets…”

Luke 5:4

I have been amazed at the changes in myself during this past year.  I asked to know Him, He has given me a path, and I have launched into the deep.

The path is continual.  I admit, I was relieved to see my birthday approaching, that this near-drowning year may end.  But in my heart, I have known that any true path of commitment never ends.

My will is, again and again, the greatest gift I can offer.  To give something I dearly love and want in order to become what He wants.  Trusting that what He has in store is even more right for me than what I so dearly wanted.  Trusting that hope and happiness lie ahead.

So, I cast away from the shore, and launch out into the deep.  I will let my nets down and trust.

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