Five years and mercy

This week has turned from what I thought would be a couple of days of mild sickness to constant throes of very serious illness.  We haven’t been this sick in a long, long time.

Our sweet fifth girl turned five this week, and she was sick as a dog on her birthday.  She was still my sweet, magic girl.

There was no cake, but there was lots of love, and lots of Little House.

Sweet homemade presents from sisters made the day even better.

She threw up first thing in the morning, after being sick all night and the day before.  Right after, she said with a smile, “I’m five! I think I’m taller today!”

Even before this child existed, her little spirit has demanded that it be here.  I have never in my life met a stronger presence than this sweet girl.

Our family has banded together as never before this week.  I have cried, watching my family love each other this week.  Each person has sacrificed and stretched to help others who were hurting.

All week, I have wondered at the mercy in our lives.  The dehydration of myself and my family this week scared me…but it didn’t.  I felt this incredible peace this week that I can’t quite describe.  At the same moment I realized it was going to be very terrible, I also knew with certainty it was going to be just fine.

Somehow I have found more peace than ever in knowing that our Savior knows, that He suffered it all, and that He knows how to succor us…I have felt Him run to me, more than once this week.  And though I prayed and begged that I would not get it, so that I would have strength to care for my family, I suffered with them in the middle for a few days.  What a gift it turned out to be…that I could then have the understanding, patience, and compassion on the sickest of them all once I was better.

We’re nearly over it now, and we’re starting to notice the spring light filtering through the trees and windows.  We are together, and tender mercies are abundant.

Blessed am I.

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