Season of change

Every fall season seems to bring a great deal of change to our lives.

This year is no different, in a great big way.

(Leaving for work the last time.)

Matt and I have dreamed for years of him owning his own business, and working from home.

Finally, we’ve taken the leap.  (This is the big news I was alluding to earlier.)

(The girls waving good-bye for the last time.)

I can hardly believe it.

This opens the door for him to pursue dreams and ideas that he wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

It’s been amazing.

More time for him to see moments like this.  :)

Everyday, I wake up next to him, and he doesn’t go anywhere.  Heaven!

I can walk in his office and kiss the top of his little head and give him a cookie.

It’s delightful.

It’s created more peace in our family.  I was so worried it would bring less peace.  But it’s been quite the opposite.  We feel more whole during the day, even when we’re being quiet so he can be on a call.

And it’s created a kinder, more gentle Matt.  I honestly didn’t think that was possible.  He was already the kindest person I knew.  A even kinder Matt is hard to describe…like a dream.

I feel like his gentle presence is changing us all daily, me especially.

I feel so blessed today.  Being self-employed is more risky and so, so busy.  But it is teaching me such faith.

Blessed am I!!

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