A dream come true

I don’t even know what to type, I’m so excited!

Today a dream I’ve had for years has come true and I just feel so happy. My DVDs made it on to Amazon.com, and the feeling is incredible! It has made me realize a few things.

First, don’t be afraid to actually dream of something! All of us dream of doing something, of changing something, of progressing somehow. It usually feels too hard. I have practiced yoga for years and have seen the need for a product for women…real women who didn’t bend in half at a whim and who didn’t have a two-hour block of time each day to devote to exercise. I wanted to do videos for years and it seemed just silly at first. Who was I to do a video? I’m just a “home-grown” woman, not a person who does yoga videos. :) But my sweet husband encouraged every dream and helped me. He pointed out, in essence, who was I not to?

Which leads to number two. NEVER underestimate what a couple can accomplish together if they love each other, believe in each other, and encourage each other. My husband has encouraged me in love through every setback and through each minute inch of progress. He has been constantly kind. Not once has he made fun of me or told me he didn’t think I could do it. He has done everything possible in his power to make my dreams become reality. And he didn’t just say that he believed in me to make me feel better. :) He embraced me with hope and all the help and action he could devote to helping me. Love can make anything happen…and I don’t care how cheesy that sounds. :) I’m living proof!

I love my husband with all my heart and soul! I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for blessing me with a husband who would love me and help me to turn dreams into reality.

Thank you, Matt!

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