Tagged a few times :)

So I’ve been “tagged” a few times by several friends this week…I’m horrible at sitting down and trying to finish them :) So I figured I’d pick a few questions at random from several different emails/posts and try to at least answer a few questions about me :)

favorite season – Fall….ahhhhhhhh :) The restful season. My entire dining room is decorated with framed fall leaves. One place I can have autumn year-round.

last person I talked to – Child #2, asking her to please kindly stay in her bed tonight and let her sisters go to sleep. :) (And to wait until after they were asleep to sing Primary songs at the top of her lungs. Some people sing in the shower…this girl sings in bed. And she knows no level other than forte.)

greatest accomplishment- My eternal marriage and my children…also eternal!

favorite musician – Glenn Miller. Amazing music, drive, motivation, and actual morals. Plus, I graduated from the same high school he did. :)

Okay, now the baby is crying… but hey, I got a few!! :)

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