The “e-mail man”

So this is how I know my children are growing up in a different world than I did…

The “e-mail man.”
– Every day when the mailman delivers mail, my girls see him out the window and say, “There’s the email man!! He left us some email!”

– How they say their names. When someone asks them what their name is, often my two oldest girls will say, “I’m Betty!” (name changed) :) They often call me!!

– Yesterday, my 4-year-old sat down at the computer for some much-desired computer time…she’d worked hard on school things so she’d earned a few minutes to play. She clicked on a game she hadn’t played before, and Mickey Mouse prompted her to type in her name. My ears perked up and I looked over just in time to see my 4-year-0ld type her name in correctly all by herself! I was floored.


So I think will probably be taking computer class from her 4-year-old by next year. :)

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