I have really been struggling the past week. Today was the culminating grand pinnacle of it all, and I won’t even go into it all, because though I’m sure it would be funny to laugh at later, I’m not laughing right now. :)

Today at church the girls were wiggly, as often happens with small children. During the Sacrament, two of my daughters were being a bit noisy. I was already almost in tears, not because of them, but because of the great heaviness I was feeling. I tried to quietly shush them, but it wasn’t working. Before that, I had been silently praying for help with the heaviness I was feeling. I bent down near them and whispered, like I do every Sunday, “What should we be thinking about during the sacrament?”

Both girls started to beam and said, “Think about Jesus!”

“That’s right,” I said. “Does He love you?” They both nodded. I asked, “What has He done for you?”

Instantly they began listing off as many things as they could think of that they had been blessed with because of the Savior. “Our mommy, our daddy, our sisters, our home, our toys, our primary, our pretty dresses…” on and on.

Their joy at listing off their blessings lifted my heart and caused me to start to remember and list off in my own mind all that I have because of Christ. He suffered for me and He knows how to heal my heart. I felt instantly uplifted and much better. It really is true, that if we are feeling low, if we “count our blessings,” we do feel immensely better and see everything in a better perspective. I am grateful for the innocent faith of my children that teaches me every day.

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