How do you want to remember it all?

Time is getting faster. Can you just feel that?

I think we all can. As I watch my children, I often think about their world. While I try to do what I can to make it better, there is so much that is out of my control. But there is so much that I do control, and it is easy to forget just how important that part is.

Sometimes I let my kids play with the camera. I think it’s good for them to explore their world. I like to go back through the pictures that they take and see things from their perspective.

It’s very enlightening. It gives me a little idea about what they’re thinking and how they see things. :)

I was going through some pictures that our 2-year-old took the other day. Of course, most were blurry and of my feet or knees, but this one made me stop:

Obviously, she took it during school time. Our 4-year-old is working away on her ocean habitat, the baby is looking on, and I am busy teaching our 5-year-old something that she’s apparently very excited about. (She does love practicing her doubles.) :) Though it’s blurry, I cherish this little glimpse at our day. That is a peaceful, happy moment, where I am doing my best as a mother. Nothing grand or overblown. Just happily loving and teaching.

That’s how I want to be. How I want to remember it. How I want them to remember it.

Too often, I know that I let myself feel tired or stressed or a bit grumpy. Too often, I say, “Not now,” or “Maybe later,” or “After the work is done.”

But their childhood is racing through my fingers like water. Everyday, they give me life. I want to give it back to them in abundance. I only have them for a little while. It goes so fast. I want to love them every moment!

The work and the messes are always there. But they won’t be. I need to remember that.

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