I’ve been praying a lot.  I always want to be better and to do more with myself and my life.  It seems that lately, though, the more I pray to be better, the harder and harder things become.  This week, everything has just mounted, almost to a point where I have felt completely sad and overwhelmed.  (Almost.)

But this morning, interestingly, as I was once again praying, for the same good things to do and be, a light came on in my mind.  Could it be that the majority of the challenges I have been facing have been a direct answer to the prayers I have expressed?

Some might argue that an increase of challenges in the face of fervent prayer is direct proof that there is nothing out there.

I disagree.  It seems that, in my life, the challenges are the proof that there is Someone there, and that He cares about who I want to be and about helping me.

So, I’ll keep trying to get through it.  In the meantime, though, there is her:

A miracle in my life, in every sense of the word.  She is pure light and love in our home.  To think that without a very divine hand, I would never have had her. 

She is a quiet and profound reminder, each time I hold her, that I am loved, and that there is so much more to it all than I can see in the moment. 

I can’t look in those deep, perfect eyes without seeing evidence of the Divine.  Without knowing that there is help and happiness ahead.  Without feeling that I am loved beyond comprehension.

I can just see in her eyes that there is more to life than I what I can see right now. 

And that’s reason enough to keep trying. :)

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