Sometimes I look at my babies and wonder what the future will hold for them.  That can be a scary enough thought for any mom.

There is plenty of fear and negativity to go around, and I feel sick at times thinking about it.  As they get older, they have to stare it in the face more and more.  I hate that.  But I know it’s something we all have to face, every day.  I wish it didn’t have to be so, for their sakes.

One of my daughters had a difficult experience this week.  She’s barely seven.  And yet there are already so many negative things to battle.  It is amazing how a mother can tell you every day of your life that you are beautiful and lovely, and all it takes is one peer to bring doubt to your mind. 

So on Saturday, we found a skirt of mine that she’s always loved and wanted to wear, and we worked together to make her a new dress out of it.  The experience was special and unique, as is the new dress.  She felt lovely and wonderful again, and so did I.  :)

(And hey, I even remembered that I can sew.)

I think that’s why we’re all here in families, and not alone.  Families ground us to truth and goodness, if we work to make them that way.  Families make the future one of hope and brightness.

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