Fear not

Fear.  It’s my greatest foe.  My biggest hurdle.  It’s all too easy for me to buckle under and let fear, doubt, or anxiety rule my mind.

Thank you for those of you who commented or otherwise responded to the post yesterday.  I was at a low point and needed your insights.  I love you, and I am so grateful to you.

We need each other.  :)

Today, I crept down to the kitchen before my kids woke me up.  The sun was just beginning to peek in on the day.  The first things that greeted my eyes were two gorgeous new soap molds, made for me by a friend.

A simple sight, and a peaceful one.  It reminded me again that I am not alone.  :) 

I hit a low point the past couple of days.  Thanks for being there for me, to help me back up.  I hope I can do the same for you if you ever need it.

There is hope in the sunlight this morning again, and I am reminded of Jeffery R. Holland’s words:

“I acknowledge the reality of opposition and adversity, but I bear witness of the God of Glory, of the redeeming Son of God, of light and hope and a bright future. I promise you that God lives and loves you, each one of you, and that he has set bounds and limits to the opposing powers of darkness.   I testify thatJesus is the Christ, the victor over death and hell and the fallen one who schemes there. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and it has been restored, just as we have sung and testified this morning.

 ‘Fear ye not.’ And when the second and the third and the fourth blows come, ‘fear ye not…The Lord shall fight for you.’ ‘Cast not away therefore your confidence.'”

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