(My sisters, mom, a friend, and I at Yoga for Congo Women, Vernal, this morning.)

I had the most beautiful morning today. It was damp, it was freezing.

It was wonderful.

A while ago, a few people did something and the ripples of their influence changed my life.

I, in turn, tried to do something, and I am seeing little, miraculous ripples going outward.

My sister then caught her own vision and did something of her own.  She organized a Yoga for Congo Women event in her hometown.  We had a wonderful little group of women show up.

This morning, I am seeing the ripples of her influence going out.

Whatever you may believe in, whatever you may do, don’t be afraid of results that are seemingly small.  Don’t be afraid of tiny ripples.  Because those small, tiny ripples do go out, and who knows where their influence will end?

I believe it’s possible that they never will.

Start where you are, and do something.  That’s the only way anything will ever change.

That’s what these women are doing every day:

(photo by Lisa Shannon)
(photo by Lisa Shannon)
(photo by Women for Women)
(photo by Women for Women)

Every day, by having the courage to hope for a new life, these women send forth their own ripples of hope and change in their villages.  And their ripples are possible because of the ripples of people like my sister, Christine.

Like each of us.

Ready to make your own small ripple?  Consider doing Yoga for Congo Women online.  There’s still time.  You will love it.  :)  Or, sign up for Team Hope….another amazing woman making some amazing ripples of change.  And your little ripple will make the ripples of other women possible.

And that’s how the world changes.  :)

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