The Lion, the Witch, and me.

Every day, we look forward to lunch time almost more than any other time.  While they eat, I read a special story.  We’ve read many wonderful stories, but none have been so special as the Narnia books.

I’ve felt for some time that the Narnia stories would be a part of the lives of my children.

It is amazing how a book can find you at just the right time.  Though I’ve read them many times before, the stories have been teaching me, yet again, just as they always do.  Like the old friends that they are.

We just finished The Magician’s Nephew.  I don’t know if you’ve read it, but it’s beautiful.

At one point, Digory, but a child, is asked to perform a terribly great task, and though he feels he cannot say no, he is daunted and a bit terrified, though he dares not say so.

How often I feel that way.  So much of what I feel I should do or must do frightens me, because I know that I lack the ability.  I feel like a child.

How will I ever accomplish the monumental task in front of me…the task of teaching my daughters to love and respect themselves in the face of a world that screams they are worth nothing?

Something I read the other day struck me.

As I was reading to the girls of Digory’s plight, and his inner fear that he dared not express, I read to them Aslan’s reply:

“‘Little son of Adam, you shall have help,’ said Aslan.”

I have been shown, time and again in my life, that I have help.  The other night, after spending an evening with my daughters, I feel almost overwhelmed at the task ahead of me.  How do I teach my daughters to love themselves when all the world teaches feminine self-loathing?

Somehow, deep in my heart, I feel the whisper: “Little daughter, you shall have help.”

And as Digory goes forward with faith through his adventure, he does have help, though he meets with darkness and doubt along the way.  But he trusts and presses forward, though his plans and desires differ so much from what Aslan asks of him.  In the end, he sees that Aslan was right.  Though painful at the time, Aslan’s way was right, and joy followed.

He had help.

Somehow, I know that I will, too.

And I am also reminded of all of the help I have already had, time and time again.  If I have had that kind of help, I know that they will, too.

And that’s truly comforting.

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