Thanksgiving was so sweet and so needed.

In the wake of so many weighty and discouraging decisions we’ve had to make lately, it was lovely  to have a quiet day to ourselves.

The difficult decisions of the past few weeks have left me thankful.  Thankful for my bounty, and for my blessings.

Thankful for her:

She who is constantly on the move so that her hair is always wild and I can never get a good picture of her.  She who loves to choose out her own crazy outfits and laugh and run.  She who helps me so much that when she has her first child, will probably feel like the work required is easy compared to what her mother always asked of her.

Thankful for her:

She who always has us laughing and always has a surprising ‘something’ to say.  She who quietly watches and listens to everything.  She who is so sweet sometimes that I am astonished.  She who has the spunk of 10 women.

Thankful for her:

She who can read your soul and sense the true meaning behind every word.  She whose eyes are going to cause us to never sleep again once she turns 16.  She who just needs to know you believe in her.  She who can melt your heart in a moment.

Thankful for her:

She who falls asleep on the steps and single-handedly has me more exhausted than all of the rest of her sisters put together.  She who is living up being a two-year-old so much that I would award her the “two-est” of all the two-year-olds award if I had one.  She who can have me so frustrated at one moment and melted into a snuggle-y puddle the next.  She who loves to play, and who invited Woody and Jessie to our feast in their limo-shoe:

Thankful for her:

She who has been a comfort and a joy.  She who is teething and who needs me more than ever.  She who sees into my soul and is a constant personal thermometer of how I am really, truly doing.  She who I know was meant to be with me.

Thankful for him:

He who is kind, selfless, and gentle.  He who has changed my life.  He who is the glue that binds us together and keeps our family going forward.  He who listens and who is ever patient and full of Love.

Lastly, thankful for Him:

He who is my Savior and my kind, kind Friend.

I am thankful.  Blessed am I.

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