Then and Now

For school we took a field trip into Denver to compare what it used to look like to what it looks like now.

It was just a really neat day as a family.  Matt made the girls some books with old photos and questions to answer, and then we went driving and walking.

Coor’s Field location then and now:

Looking at a corner near where Daddy works:

Union Station in the background:

Of course there are a hundred things we looked at and a hundred things I could write.  So many things to see.

I have such a fascinating love-hate relationship with this city.  I hate so many things that exist in it and because of it.  I love it because of what those things have taught me, and how they’ve changed me.  Too much to put into words today.

I love being with my family.

There have been a lot of things weighing on my mind ever since we went, but I don’t feel like I can write them right now.  And though I know I sound enigmatic, it’s just too much to try to put down in words right now, especially when trying to write about such a beautiful day with the people I love most.

Interactive game with a store window?  This is something I never experienced as a child. :)

A beautiful little girl, growing up much too quickly.

Fireworks to celebrate Veteran’s Day…it’s a unique experience and sound in the middle of a city.  More of a deafening reminder of what they symbolize, with the sound rocketing off the buildings like that.

Pizza at Anthony’s to top off the day…very fun.  :)  (I hope my face doesn’t stick like that…)

Blessed am I to have such an incredible family.  :)

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