Sweet Christmas Time

For those who have been reading, I guess it’s pretty obvious I’ve been feeling a lot of inner turmoil.

Getting ready for Christmas has been so soothing to my soul.

Knowing that there is One who can make it all right.

My life, the world, all of it.

Oh, how I love Christmas.

Is there anything like the magic of the first Christmas?

Now, before you call child services, I did take away the bulb right after I snapped the picture. :)

Just taking a break for a minute…oh, how I Love this man. :)

Someone else does, too.

Each year, the most coveted task is decided by Daddy: who will put the angel on the tree?

But through all of the lights, ornaments, and angels, there is the main attraction.

One tiny baby is the reason for it all.

Blessed am I.  Blessed are we all.

May your days be bright this Season!

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