A very Irish birthday

So much has been happening lately, not the least of which is a birthday for a wild little three-year-old.

We’ve changed how we do birthdays this past year, and it has been so fun.  We’ve taken the emphasis off of presents and put it more on a memorable day as a family.  (Though George did make a very special appearance.)

She’s drug him everywhere, and by the end of the first day he had mustard on his face and chocolate on his tummy.  He’s officially hers.

Her day was very full.  It included a trip to the museum and a St. Patty’s performance by her sisters.

(Odd…a full day in the car and at the museum has a way of wilting those Irish curls right out.) 

I think she was sure that the Irish show was all for her…

…although she did fall asleep at my feet after a while. (Note accompanying mustard stain on her shirt.)

Finally, the show was over, and we enjoyed fine Irish fare appetizers, as the Irish pub/restaurant we were at had discontinued its children’s menu in light of St. Patrick’s day, leaving us with the choice of liver and onions or chips and salsa.

This sweet, crazy little thing has changed everything about our lives.  I truly burst with love for her.

(When you allow a 9-year-old to add the candles, an inferno is not far behind.)

Happy birthday, my wild woman. :)

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