Meet “Argentine.”

We call her that because she was made by Argentine in Congo.

I bought her for my littlest girl because I felt an instant connection to her when I saw the doll the other day.  She calls her “buhbeee(!!!)” and carries her everywhere.

I secretly hoped the doll would somehow lend her strength.  This poor little one has been through so. much. in her short time.  I prayed the strength of women who have endured and conquered unimaginable struggle would radiate through little Argentine and into my sweet babe.

When I tuck my child in with Argentine at night, I silently whisper to her, “You can do hard things.”  She has been going through a very difficult challenge lately.  Argentine lies close, whispering, too.

And silly though it may sound, I do feel the strength of dear, strong women half-way around the world lending her their strength each night, telling her that she can do this.  I feel the help and strength of friends and family, praying and rallying us on.

I feel more grateful each day for our inter-connectedness in life.  More soon on what our wee one has been going through, and how we are learning to make it. :)

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