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Years ago, I met a man who inspired me.

I signed up for a marriage and family course, just because I was so inspired by him that I wanted to learn how to be a fantastic wife someday.

And though I loved that class and gleaned so many good and wonderful truths that I still put into practice in my life, no class could have taught me as he does.

He is the one who holds me when I cry, who listens until I wring every thought and emotion out of my heart, who rises early with me to do yoga together, who forgives again and again.

It is he who has taught me how to love, forgive, serve, and care.  He is my daily class on love and marriage.  It’s he who teaches me not the “How do I love Thee,” but “How do I show that I love Thee.”

I think the most beautiful thing of all is that we are two lives aligned into One life.  Not two separate paths.  One joined life, one joined passion and path.  My dreams are his.  His dreams are mine.

What do you learn from each other?  I would love to hear.  Do you tell him everything?  Do you listen to everything?

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