Mother of daughters

I am the mother of daughters.

Truly blessed am I.

But with that blessing comes such a fear at times.

There are times when it seems that this world hates all things pure and good.  Particularly all things female.

I worry so much for them sometimes.  There are nights I lie awake and wonder, How will I teach them to value themselves?  How will I teach them that they are divine?  How will I teach them to have courage, and to not give up?

Today, it struck me, as it has so many times.  The teaching does not come in the words and expositions.

They will learn to value themselves if they see that I value myself.  They will learn that they are divine if their mother believes it about herself.  And they will learn to have courage if they see that I fought to have courage, as well.  Instead of figuring out how to teach it to them, I have to live it.

That’s much harder than telling them that they are of worth.  But it gives me so much more peace, somehow.

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