Perspective, perspective.

Lately, so much “life” has been happening that I haven’t been here much.

It’s been such a mix of blessings and difficulties.  (But those difficulties always seem to end up as blessings.)

It’s been easy again for me to lose perspective.

A week ago, as we watched fireworks as a family, my perspective was given a good kick.  It just made me remember just how good I have it.  And that so many others don’t.

This week, something happened that much of the world took no notice of.  A new country was born, a new “freedom” declared.

They voted for their independence in January.  Even in the face of terrible violence from many who want to control them and their resources, they voted to do it.

It’s made me question many times what my freedom means to me.  Theirs is one born of a turmoil that shows no sign of ending.

How much does it matter?  How much do I rejoice over it?

It’s also reminded me that even though life is hard, there are always things worth standing up and fighting for.  Someone has to.

I believe we are each shown what we should stand up for in our own time.

There are so many people in this world, both people I know and people who I don’t, who teach me.  They give me a perspective I would never have otherwise.

Thank you.

I also believe that if there are things in the many areas of my life I’ve been shown I should do, somehow, somehow, I’ll have the help I need to do them.

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