There’s always something out there

There’s a path behind our neighborhood.  Like many neighborhood paths these days, it cuts through land that’s been scraped for development, and nothing too natural is left.  It’s a nice path, but there’s so much construction right now that it’s littered with chunks of cement and random wooden posts and wire.  Plus, right now, it’s cold and barren everywhere.  Even less incentive to get out and enjoy it.

The kids always want to go run and play on it.  There are times I just roll my eyes and mutter under my breath, “But there’s nothing out there.”

But every time we go and walk and run and play, I am amazed at what their childlike eyes find.  There’s always something out there.

A nest abandoned for the winter.

A tree that lived this many years!

Flowers that still have some seeds to explore.

Rocks that have their own story to tell.

The girls come home bursting, every time.  They can’t wait to tell their dad what they saw and did and learned.

It’s made me think about myself and my life lately.

There’s always something out there.  Some lesson to learn, some growth to experience, some new, beautiful experience.  Even in the times that seem barren and cold, there’s always something out there.

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